February 2021

Alania, Hetman Platov and «Dombay Waltz»

The M4 "Don" Highway took us to the two capitals of the Don Cossack Army, and then to the beautiful mountains and valleys of the North Caucasus. To the territory of the once great Alan kingdom.
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December 2020

Suzdal – Arzamas – Murom

Churches and Monasteries of Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir Regions
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September 2020

Toropets - Sebezh

Travel around the picturesque expanses of the Tver and Pskov Region.
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August 2020

Ryazan Region

The Ryazan Regionstruck us with its beautiful landscapes, majestic pine-trees, delicate birches and carefully cultivated fields. The sight of large harvesting machinesworking in the fields and tractors with carts scurrying towards them was a pleasant surprise.

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March 2020


Northwest Karelia is located on the latitude of the Onega Bay of the White Sea near the Finnish border. The roads are terrible. The nature is magnificent. Forests, lakes and beautiful rivers.

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October 2019

Canada. Alberta.

In the history of Canada, the Slavic immigration at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries was of great importance. The country authorities did their best to attract as many immigrants who were familiar with agriculture for the development of virgin lands as possible.
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November 2018

Ivanovo Region

Ivanovo Region is famous for its textile industry and traditional arts and crafts, particularly Palekh and Kholuy lacquer boxes and miniatures.
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October 2018


Perhaps there are exceptions. Too lazy to look for them. But on the streets of Yelets it suddenly occurred to me that Russian towns with short and expressive names have their own unique provincial aura.
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May 2017

Solovetsky Islands

There are not many people on Solovetsky Islands in May. Mostly, only the local residents. May 2017 happened to be very cold. The snow on the island did not melt. Ice remained on the lakes and in the bays of the sea.
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