Solovetsky Islands, May 2017.

There are not many people on Solovetsky Islands in May. Mostly, only the local residents. May 2017 happened to be very cold. The snow on the island did not melt. Ice remained on the lakes and in the bays of the sea. Even the first tourist ship could not enter the Bay of Wellbeing. We didn’t manage to get everywhere we wanted to. Going to Anzer and Zayatsky Islands was out of the question. There are a few photos from the sky of Savvatievo Skete, Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery, St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel and Phillipova Pustyn. There are also some pictures of the village, including a monument to the ship boys of Solovki and the local airport.

We wish you all peace, good health and well-being!