This site is devoted to the aerial photography of our wonderful planet from the bird’s-eye view. For this reason the camera is fixed to the radio-controlled copter. The further results depend on weather conditions and skillful actions of the pilot and the operator. Many things on the ground look different from the sky. Natural landscapes, buildings, rivers and lakes, mist … But for us, the churches and monasteries are of greatest interest. The history embodied in architecture. These temples and monasteries represent all aspects of history: religious, architectural, economic and technological. In Russia and other Orthodox countries churches and monasteries have always been centres of spiritual life, culture and education. Under Soviet rule many churches, monasteries and chapels were destroyed or ruined. Nowadays religious shrines are being restored. Photos from the sky give a chance to see it and feel the charm of the ancient monuments.

For taking pictures from above we use a six rotor copter. The camera is mounted on a three-axis suspension. We control the suspension and the camera using a separate remote control. Live image from the camera is transmitted via radio to the video glasses or the monitor.