Toropets - Sebezh

September 2020

Toropets and its surroundings

The date of foundation of Toropets is considered to be 1074, when the town was first mentioned in the chronicles, as a town in the Smolensk principality. After some time, it was no longer a quiet remote place, but a small militant Toropets principality, which was at war with Novgorod, and Suzdal, and even Kiev. In Toropets, a stormy trading life was in full swing - “guests” (merchants) from all Russian cities brought goods here.

Cathedral of the Korsun Icon of the Mother of God. Toropets.

For more than 600 years, the shrine of Russia - the miraculous icon - the Korsun Icon of the Mother of God, was kept in this church. According to the legend, the icon was painted by Luke the Evangelist. Polotsk princess Paraskeva presented the icon to Toropets in 1239 in memory of her wedding to Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Epiphany Church. Galyanovo.

Sebezh and its surroundings

This wonderful ancient town of Sebezh is located 25 kilometers from the intersection of the borders of Russia, Belarus and Latvia and is surrounded by Lakes Sebezhskoye and Orono. One of the famous natives of this town Zinovy Gerdt (now a wonderful monument is erected to him on the embankment) said: "I am from a heavenly place on earth, I am from Sebezh."

Belfry of the Nativity Cathedral. Sebezh.

Holy Trinity Church. Sebezh.
Holy Trinity Church. Zhuki.

St. Nicholas Church. Zarodishchi.
Resurrection Church. Klin

In 1865, the soon-to-be Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Tikhon was born into the family of Ioann Timofeevich Belavin, the priest of the Resurrection Church in Klin.

Peace, good health and prosperity to all!