Photos from the Sky

/ The Resurrection Church in Plyos in winter

Plyos, a tranquil town of wooden houses and hilly streets winding down to the Volga waterfront, is situated 70 kilometers northeast of Ivanovo. Though fortified from the 15th century, Plyos’ renown stems from its role as a late 19th century artists’ retreat. Isaak Levitan, Russia’s most celebrated landscape artist, found inspiration here in the summers of 1888 to 1890. The hill topped by a simple wooden church was one of Levitan’s favourite painting subjects. The wooden Church of Resurrection (1699) was brought here in 1982 from the other part of Ivanovo Region to replace the church depicted in the famous picture of Isaak Levitan “Eternal Peace” that had burned down. 

September 9, 2013